Chirpy - The Visual Studio plugin every web developer needs

Update Dec 6, 2012: Scott Gu has a post of some of the exciting new features of ASP.NET 4.5: CSS/JS bundling and minification. You don’t need to wait to get all of this awesomeness. Chirpy does it all and Chirpy’s implementation is so darn elegant that it’s going to be hard to improve upon.

Once in a blue moon I’ll run across a tool so utterly awesome and so good at what it does that I pass over the threshold of professional excitement and into the realm of geek adoration (Beyond Compare and git are other tools that have inspired this devotion).

Today it was Chirpy. Chirpy is a Visual Studio plugin that solved my immediate problem of minifying and mashing the plethora of javascript files I had in a project. Rename the file to filename.chirp.js and Chirpy automatically generates a minified file called filename.min.js. Mashing multiple files together is equally as trivial. It is a seamless and magical solution that makes it a joy to work with.

It gets better

Chirpy can also minify your CSS, translate .less, and even automatically compile CoffeeScript files. Oh, and it validates those files as well.

Chirpy is the missing link that enables you to store your css in seperate files for maintainability and then seamlessly deploy them as a single file. It’s the link that will allow you to to seamlessly start using .less files in your application without ever giving a thought to compiling the files for testing or deployment.

Download chirpy now.

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