Desk Toys

Desk toys are awesome. They are your programming companions (see rubber duck debugging), minions, and fellow cubicle (or office) dwellers.

My desk tends to be spartan, with pictures and other visual boosts digitally stored on my computer or phone (I also have one of the most awesome collection of wallpapers ever created thanks to the now defunct desktoptopia). So most of the items on my desk serve to occupy my hands when not typing; either to be manipulated, thrown, or staged. is a fascinating glimpse into the software used by other programmers, but I have always had a desire to see their actual desks. It would be really cool if the site included pictures of their desks or another site existed purely for this purpose (pretty good weekend project idea actually).

So here is mine: My desk, my toys, my cubicle existence.


Cardboard Tube Samurai

My duck programming buddy. I tell him why my code isn’t working and halfway through realize my mistake. He doesn’t judge too harshly. Samurai are better than ninjas

South park plushies

Excellent missiles Butters has to be your favorite. Unless youre evil. Then it has to be Cartman.

Magnetic toys

Wish I had more of these. Dozens actually.

Runtime Error (Not Invented Here Volume 1)

Dilbert for programmers (with better art). Read it here or buy it here.

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